What Is the Lexia Learning Program?

What Is the Lexia Learning Program?


The Lexia Learning program is an individualized reading program for students in pre-K through 12th grade. The downloadable program is a computer- or tablet-based application offering reading, vocabulary and comprehension practice to improve student learning in the classroom or at home, according to Lexia Learning.

The Lexia Learning program is available for use in schools by teachers and at home by parents. Students take an initial assessment test, and the application creates readings and games based on the child's abilities. Students realize success with the program when they participate in a session of at least 20 minutes three times each week, according to Chattanooga.gov. The program tracks the student's progress and delivers online reports to parents, schools and administrators.

Students can work at their own pace and advance through levels once competency is reached. The Lexia Learning program consists of the Core5 series for pre-K to fifth-grade-level students that assesses analytical skills, phonetics, vocabulary and comprehension. Students in sixth to 12th grades can utilize the Lexia Strategies program that is designed for at-risk readers, according to Lexia Learning.

The Lexia Learning program is designed to meet common core standards and accelerate reading skills development. Lexia Learning also provides supplemental materials for teacher lesson plans and differentiated instruction, notes Lexia Learning.