What are leveled book lists useful for?


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Leveled book lists are useful for finding books at a particular reading level for students. Teachers use leveled book lists to find reading material for small reading groups or for individual students. Parents and students use leveled book lists to find extra reading materials at the appropriate reading levels.

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Leveled book lists categorize books based on reading difficulty and assign them numbers, letters or another type of leveling system. Several characteristics of a book factor into the leveling and placement on the book list, including the length, structure, difficulty of words, sentence complexity and literary features such as metaphors or flashbacks. Experts evaluate the different aspects of the book and assign it a value along a continuum from emergent, beginning readers to proficient readers.

Teachers perform individual reading assessments in the classroom to get an idea of the reading levels of the students. Assessments continue throughout the year to measure progression along the continuum. By matching the student's reading material to his reading level, she is able to successfully read while still being challenged so she improves her reading skills.

The leveled book list makes it easier for the teacher to select material for individual students. She simply looks for titles at a particular level to find a book the child can read. She can also choose books from the next level to challenge the student or choose books from a lower level on the list for an easy read that can help the student improve fluency.

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