How Do I Get Letters of Recommendation for a Scholarship?


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To get a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, college application or anything else start by choosing a teacher or supervisor with whom you have a strong, personal relationship. Ask them at least a month before you need the letter and provide them with details about why you need it.

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Having a strong personal relationship with the person you are asking to write a letter of recommendation improves the odds of receiving a thoughtful letter instead of a template response. When the writer knows you and cares for you, they are likely to have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, explains Georgia Southern University. They can also draw on personal experiences when composing the letter, which come off as genuine and more believable. Asking someone you don’t know very well to write a letter of recommendation means they have no real motivation to put effort into the letter. They will likely insert your name into a pre-written letter that will not stand out amongst other letters.

It is also important to give the person proper advance notice. Asking someone to do something at the last minute means they have no time to prepare for the letter, and will likely have other obligations that need their attention.

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