What Are Some Free Letterhead Samples?

What Are Some Free Letterhead Samples?

Find some free letterhead templates at FreeLetterheadTemplates.net and SmileTemplates.com. Websites such as these that provide free letterhead templates do so in a variety of different categories, from formal business templates to holiday templates.

A letterhead sometimes refers to the heading at the top of a sheet of stationary. The information on a letterhead should include a name and address. A typical letterhead also often involves a logo and a background pattern.

While the term "letterhead" mainly refers to the heading of a paper, the word is sometimes used to describe the whole sheet of paper with the heading on it. The free letterhead template websites include designs and backgrounds that span whole sheets of paper. The samples can be printed on stationary or plain printer paper. The standard size for a letterhead in the United States is 8.5 by 11 inches, but sizes vary abroad.

The sample used should be appropriate for the occasion, which is why free template websites provide business templates, personal templates, holiday-themed templates and many more options.

You can also create your own letterhead using Microsoft Office. Tips for creating a personal letterhead include sketching the preferred design on paper before translating the ideas on the computer and including all relevant information such as name, address and contact information. You can create letterheads using the header tool in Microsoft Word, as well. Word also provides several letterhead templates from which to choose.