What Are Some Lessons Taught in Ventures Arcade Level 1?


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Ventures Arcade level 1 is divided into 10 units, each with activities that teach concepts such as identifying objects, tenses and aspects of personal information such as first, last and middle names. Other lessons include topics such as telling the time and learning about health problems.

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Level 1 has activities for concepts such as "in" and "on" prepositions and singular and plural nouns. There are also multiple choice questions on identifying the correct word from the audio and activities to fill in the blanks with the correct word. Level 1 teaches the present continuous tense, and the student has activities geared around yes and no questions. The student is also asked to identify the correct action from the visuals provided.

The later units in level 1 teach concepts such as imperatives, names of places around town, answering simple questions after listening to an audio file and correctly reading the time. A unit dedicated to teaching concepts based on shopping has a simple crossword based on quantities of products such as rice and juice. The student also has to correctly identify visuals of common food items such as potatoes, milk and cheese. In addition to the above, level 1 has units associated with leisure, daily living and work.

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