What Are Some Lessons Included in a Fourth Grade Reading Curriculum?

What Are Some Lessons Included in a Fourth Grade Reading Curriculum?

The typical fourth grade reading curriculum includes lessons on reading comprehension, critical thinking, poetry, narratives, and vocabulary and pronunciation. Students also practice silent and oral reading skills during fourth grade.

Reading comprehension lessons teach students the main ideas and central themes of stories. These lessons also focus on how to isolate key details from paragraphs. Fourth graders learn to identify topic sentences and supporting facts. They also learn how to explain information about stories in their own words.

Critical thinking lessons for fourth graders focus on making connections, applying knowledge and analyzing information. Students learn to compare and contrast topics and interpret sentences. In learning to apply knowledge, students use information to make inferences and deductions. They also learn to summarize details and organize facts.

Fourth grade students learn new vocabulary words and practice pronouncing words aloud. They learn to determine the meanings of words by examining their context. During these lessons, fourth graders typically practice using vocabulary words in their own sentences.

Reading classes teach students about narratives, perspectives and points of view in a literary context, as well as different types of poetry and poetic components. The curriculum for fourth grade reading classes also distinguishes the fictional and non-fictional genres of literature.