Why is lesson planning important?


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Lesson planning is important because it helps teachers ensure that the day-to-day activities that go on in their classrooms are providing students with an adequate level of long-term progress toward the goals outlined in their scope and sequence, as well as their individual education plans when necessary. Without lesson planning, it is easy to get off track with one's class and miss out on educational targets.

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Why is lesson planning important?
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An effective lesson plan includes several elements: learning objectives, quality questions, supplies and activities. It is important to have the learning objectives in mind because those should drive the development and implementation of all activities in the classroom. Quality questions are inquiries that the teacher plans to direct at the students over the course of the lesson. Sometimes these questions are rhetorical in nature, but more often they are designed to help the student think at a higher level than simple memorization and comprehension.

Listing the supplies needed is helpful for teacher preparation for the class, as sometimes the supplies may be beyond what the teacher has on hand. With technology becoming increasingly popular in the classroom, many lessons require tablet computers, cameras and other devices that the teacher needs to arrange ahead of time.

Finally, activities round out the lesson plan. It is important to come up with a plan for assessment to determine whether the class has met its targets.

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