What Are Some Lesson Plan Ideas and Worksheets to Teach Kids About Good Manners?


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Teachers can launch lesson plans on manners that entail playing games where students offer the appropriate response to a compliment, a greeting or a question. Worksheets that prompt students to match up how to respond respectfully to situations that occur regularly, such as accepting a gift or passing food at a meal, also help children learn good manners.

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Games that focus on teaching good manners include providing children with a statement they must complete, such as "I show that I am grateful by ..." or "I show that I respect myself by abstaining from ..." Teachers can also create lesson plans that emphasize the primary traits of a person with good manners. Common traits include respect, grace, integrity, tact and hospitality.

Children can play games that focus on how to show hospitality. The game may entail role playing different scenarios to a situation and asking one group of students to show good manners and another group of students to show bad manners. Students can also role play a party or gathering and designate one student as the host who must show respect and tact. The remaining children can demonstrate proper manners while eating at the party and gracious introductions when they meet new people.

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