What Are Some Legal Studies Classes Offered Online?

What Are Some Legal Studies Classes Offered Online?

Business law, legal research and civil litigation are some legal studies classes offered online. Writing for legal professionals and introduction to criminal justice are other legal studies classes offered online.

Students who take business law learn the law pertaining to commerce, contracts and employment. They also learn the law related to property and sales. They learn which business situations require legal counsel and acquire knowledge of the basic structure of the legal system.

Students who take legal research learn how to locate and identify legal resources using various research techniques. They also learn how to use databases to conduct searches and retrieve documents to validate findings.

Civil litigation introduces students to the laws that govern the civil litigation processes in state and federal courts. The course goes over the preparation of pleadings, discovery methods and the appellate process.

In writing for legal professionals, students learn how to draft opinion letters and legal brief cases concisely and clearly. The course emphasizes proper organization, grammar and legal citation in writing. Students who take this course learn how to use charts and outlines in preparing to draft legal documents.

Students who take introduction to criminal justice study the formulation of laws, impact on victims and processing of offenders. Students who take courses on conflict resolution and negotiation learn strategies for developing conflict negotiation. They also learn the advantages and disadvantages of using these mechanisms as opposed to litigation.