What Does "lectura De Cartas Gratis" Mean in English?


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The Spanish expression, "lectura de cartas gratis," translates directly into English as "free reading of cards." However, the phrase truly expresses a "free [tarot] card reading."

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There are two nouns, one adjective and one preposition in the expression. The noun "lectura" translates into English as "reading" or "interpretation." In the context of this phrase, "lectura" carries both of the meanings. The word "cartas" is the plural form of the noun "carta," which carries various connotations in Spanish. The four most popular definitions, however, are "card," "menu," "letter" and "map." In the context of this phrase, the word "cartas" aligns with the denotation "cards." The preposition "de" is an indicator of context and most accurately translates to "of" in English. Lastly, the adjective "gratis" means "free."

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