How Does Learning Upgrade Work?


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Learning Upgrade is a learning program that works by teaching students complicated topics using animations, videos, songs and games. Students in the same class who are on different levels work on unique learning paths to complete the program at their own pace. Lessons are adaptable, allowing teachers to present and reinforce concepts until the students’ responses indicate concept mastery.

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When a lesson begins, students start by watching an animated video that explains the concepts of the particular topic presented. They then answer a series of questions, earning points each time they get questions right. Students must get a certain number of points out of 100 points to move on to the next topic. So, if each question is worth four points, the student has to answer 25 questions and master a given percentage to move on. Each path has around 60 lessons and ends with a Final Challenge.

Teachers receive real-time reports to monitor the students' progress as they advance through the program. The program features paths in both math and English language arts that meet common core and state standards. Students must complete a total of 11 math courses and seven English language arts courses to complete the entire program.

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