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Learning Tools 4 Kids is a web portal hosted by Palm Beach School District. It focuses on linking children and parents to online interactive educational tools and applications. Most resources are only available to individuals with a direct relationship to the district's 83 schools.

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Learning Tools 4 Kids serves both parents and young students. The page is accessible from inside and outside the district's computer labs, ensuring that children can continue learning even if they are at home. The main goal of the page is to ensure that both children and parents have easily accessible educational information available at any moment in time.

Information on the page is broken up into multiple categories. Children can click a button to select elementary, middle or high school resources for age and grade level appropriate resources. A row of buttons at the top of the page provides parents with easy access to homeschooling resources. Available categorizations include online textbooks, homework help, multicultural information and creative learning.

While some of the resources are publicly available, this is not universally true. Students and parents must enter their assigned Palm Beach Schools student ID to access most of the linked tools, including Discovery Streaming, NetTracker and Edline.

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