What Learning Opportunities Are Offered by TeenBiz3000?

What Learning Opportunities Are Offered by TeenBiz3000?

TeenBiz3000 allows sixth through eighth graders to accelerate reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary skills while improving their scores on critical tests by delivering leveled, interest-based content and assignments that are personalized to each student. The program is a Web-based literacy solution developed by Achieve3000.

TeenBiz3000 is designed as a school-wide literacy and language program that can be accessed by students, teachers and parents. The software allows educators to create class-wide assignments based on particular topics and then distributes personalized lessons to all students with content that matches their individual Lexile reading levels.

Every daily lesson follows Achieve3000's signature five-step literacy routine and begins by giving students the opportunity to think about the day's topic and how it connects to what they already know. The lesson is introduced through an email that provides background information on the topic and directs the student to a related non-fiction article at the appropriate reading level.

TeenBiz3000 builds comprehension, fluency and writing skills with critical thinking activities and essay-style questions based on the topic and the reading material. The lesson closes with a poll that gives students another opportunity to express their opinion on the topic and then participate in a class discussion facilitated by the teacher.

TeenBiz3000 aligns with Common Core State Standards and features bonus lessons for additional learning opportunities. Teachers can monitor and assess student performance and progress in real-time with the software's integrated reporting features, and the program automatically adjusts the content selection as a student advances to new reading levels.