How Does Learning Online Compare to Learning in the Classroom?


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Even though online classes sometimes provide opportunities for student interactions such as message boards and emailing, it's almost impossible to get to know the classmates online as well as in a real classroom. In an online class, students have fewer opportunities to develop a relationship with their professor because they can't attend office hours or ask questions after class. However, online classrooms offer students a lot more independence than traditional ones, which is helpful for people with busy schedules.

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How Does Learning Online Compare to Learning in the Classroom?
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Often times, students can take the online class at any time during the week. Thus, to be successful when taking online classes, a student needs to have a lot more motivation and self-discipline than he would need in a traditional classroom setting.

It is almost impossible to take classes that require a lot of laboratory work online. In most cases, the professor can show the students a video that demonstrates a concept or a process, or perform a demonstration using a webcam. Sometimes students can study on interactive websites, but this type of studying can't compare to the real experience of doing experiments in a lab when it comes down to chemistry, biology, various types of engineering and other hands-on sciences.

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