What Are the Learning Goals for Fourth Grade Math?


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Some fourth-grade math learning goals include mastering the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using whole numbers and fractions; understanding the concepts of area and perimeter; solving problems using measurements; understanding angles; and classifying shapes. Students must also justify their thinking and solutions using precise mathematical language.

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What Are the Learning Goals for Fourth Grade Math?
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Using equations, students must be able to solve multi-digit problems using the four operations. They must understand fractions so they can identify equivalent fractions and order them from greater to smaller or in reverse. After this, they must learn to solve addition and subtraction problems involving fractions and the combination of fractions and whole numbers.

Given measurements, students need to be able to figure out the area and perimeter of basic shapes and use such information to help them figure out word problems. Problems using measurements help develop students' concepts of fractions and employ them to solve word problems. Identifying and drawing angles helps students to describe and classify shapes and solid figures including circles, spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes and pyramids. Students must continuously use such developed understanding to describe the rules for patterns and implement them for solutions. They must also continue to develop their fluency in mathematical language to both explain their work and critique the work of others.

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