Why Is Learning English Crucial?


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Learning English is crucial for communicating in the modern world due to numerous factors, such as the large population of English speakers and the various industries that use the English language. The Experience English, 5MinuteEnglish.com and Eastbourne School of English websites explain the many benefits of learning the English language.

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The most important reason to learn the English language is the vast number of English speakers in the world. As the official language of 53 individual countries, there are approximately 400 million people around the world who speak English as a first language, and there are an estimated two billion total people who speak English on a daily basis. English is also known as a lingua franca, meaning people who speak different native languages commonly use basic English to communicate with one another.

From a professional standpoint, learning English is necessary for success in some of the most lucrative industries in the world, including science, politics and tourism. Especially in the United States, English speakers typically earn a higher income and have more job opportunities than those who do not speak English. People who speak English also have more access to helpful information from media and online sources. In entertainment and educational media, English is the chosen language for most mainstream content, such as film, television, music, radio and written literature, and the Internet is largely dominated by English content.

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