How Do You Learn to Write Scripts?


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There are a variety of resources and options available to help you learn to write scripts, ranging from taking classes or enrolling in educational programs that specialize in screenwriting to utilizing books and web resources. The best way to learn to write scripts, however, is reading and studying successful scripts.

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Writing scripts is a distinct process that differs from writing other texts, such as novels or plays. Even though there may be similarities between scripts and other types of texts, each one is a unique genre made up of basic elements, and learning about these basics is the first step toward learning to write successful scripts. A good way to learn the basics of format, dialogue, white space, story line and point of view is to find a copy of a script you admire, study these aspects and try to emulate them in a script of your own.

Reading a variety of scripts can help you become familiar with the genre conventions, or formula, that screenwriting typically follows. The basic formula of a script takes elements such as character, plot, structure, voice and form and puts them together in a way that entertains an audience. Looking at what successful writers have done with these elements can help you get ideas about what works in screenwriting.

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