How Do You Learn to Write Hebrew Letters?


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To learn to write Hebrew letters, consider taking a session with a teacher or a rabbi so you can study the proper meaning and order of the alphabet. Learn both the print form and the written form of the alphabet. Take it slowly, learning the first 10 letters and mastering them before moving on to the other 17. Learn the sound of each letter and the meaning ascribed to its shape once you master writing it.

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Use a Hebrew notebook with the correct series of lines and a pen or pencil to start writing the first five letters: aleph, bet, gimel, daleth and hay. Then write the next five: vav, zayin, chet, tet and yood. Write all ten letters multiple times until you are able to recreate them without referring to any reference material. Continue doing this with a few letters at a time until you know all 27 letters.

Each letter corresponds to a different sound that is related to the first letter of the letter's name. For example, aleph has an "a" sound, bet has a "b" sound, resh has an "r" sound and lamed has an "l" sound. Working a few letters at a time, master their pronunciation. Once you can recreate both the look of the letter and its sound without reference material, continue to practice them often. Doing this helps you when you begin to learn to put Hebrew words together.

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