How Do You Learn to Write in Chinese?

How Do You Learn to Write in Chinese?,,, and offer options for learning how to write Chinese. Many local community colleges and learning centers also offer classes on the subject. offers fairly in-depth tutorials on how to write Chinese characters. Each lesson includes a phrase broken down into phonetics, definition, an audio file for reference, and a tutorial in writing the character using your mouse as a writing device. The site offers a demo for the classes but requires a monthly subscription for continued lessons. teaches Chinese writing for free in its own style, which requires some adjustment. The site starts off with basic lessons involving numbers and the 25 most frequently used characters, and then requires you to study individual characters and learn them one by one. offers a basic introduction and general overview of the language broken down into 14 parts. The site also offers videos, tutorials, a Chinese dictionary, and MP3 files to aid in learning the language. features a Chinese learning system crafted by Chinese teachers in the United States for Mandarin Chinese language learners at K through 12 schools and universities. There is a $3 monthly fee, but the lessons are incredibly comprehensive. Stroke animations, flash cards, lesson worksheets and online dictionaries are used in conjunction for an intense learning experience.