How Do You Learn to Type on a Keyboard?


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Learning to type requires a student to memorize the layout of the keyboard and practice typing without looking at the keys. This is possible with online courses, at-home practice and classes in school. Typing skill develops with frequent practice, which is easy to obtain due to society's increasing computer use.

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Touch typing, or typing without looking at the keyboard, requires typists to position fingers on the home row. On a standard keyboard, this is the middle row of letters starting with the letter A and ending with the semicolon. Each finger corresponds to a key: the left hand covers ASDF and the right hand covers JKL; with the thumbs resting on the space bar. If a finger is not actively used for typing, it should remain in its default position.

To avoid looking at the keyboard, typists can place a piece of paper over the hands. This forces them to look at the screen and what is being typed. The small bumps usually located on the F and J keys can aid in navigating the keyboard. This indicates where the index fingers should be placed.

The first focus of typing should be accuracy, not speed. By maintaining proper typing technique and practicing consistently, speed and accuracy occur over time.

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