How Do You Learn Taxidermy?


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Learn taxidermy by taking online courses from Taxidermy Tube or Taxidermy Insider, or by taking a more traditional course from the Advanced Taxidermy Training Center. Online options are markedly cheaper than brick-and-mortar schools.

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Taxidermy Insider allows students to learn taxidermy by taking video courses online. There are courses on turkey, deer, fish, mammals and birds; each course includes several hours of video that cover everything from choosing the best position of the animal to painting it. As of 2015, a membership costs $35 per month. Members can also communicate with other students on the website's forum.

Taxidermy Tube is another website that offers taxidermy video courses. Users can read articles and view taxidermy pictures for free. Visitors must sign up to get access to video courses. As of 2015, a membership costs $19.99 a year. Members have access to online help and support; they may also share their videos and meet other taxidermy enthusiasts.

The Advanced Taxidermy Training Center, located in northwest Montana, offers a six-week full taxidermy course and a three-week mini course. As of 2015, a full course costs $5,495 while the three-week course costs $2,995. The tuition includes all of the materials and tools that students can keep after finishing the course; expenses not covered by tuition include housing, food and travel. The full course is available several times throughout the year, while the three-week course is only available in September.

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