How Do You Learn Received Pronunciation?


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It is possible to learn received pronunciation through paid courses, but there are also free resources available online, such as the British Library, that explain how letters are pronounced in this style of English. Regular practice using these resources and listening to people who speak using received pronunciation is crucial to learning the accent.

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Most of the methods of learning this accent feature recordings of people speaking with the accent so that learners can more easily understand how they should sound. These recordings accompany short descriptions and explanations of how a vowel or consonant should be pronounced. Some include phonetic spellings or use rhyming words to explain how a particular word should sound.

Received pronunciation is a neutral accent that eliminates regional variations and has historically been associated with educated individuals. This standard accent is used less widely in modern times, and regional accents are more common in media and individuals in power. As of 1916, received pronunciation, often shortened to RP, was considered a common accent among southern areas of England, especially among men who had attended boarding school, according to the BBC. RP is also often used as the base, standard accent when teaching English as a second language to students in the United Kingdom.

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