How Do You Learn to Read Faster and Better?


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Some ways to learn to read faster and better involve modifying the way to process words and sentences in your mind and implementing techniques such as scanning. Cooperative practice with an instructor or partner is also helpful.

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One major contributing factor to the speed with which one reads is the internal dialogue. When children first learn to read, the tone and inflection of every word is greatly emphasized to demonstrate the different sounds letters can make. This practice is meant to keep children focused on the excitement of reading, while they develop the basic reading skills. However, in adulthood, the tendency to perform the words read within one’s mind slows the overall process. By removing the emotion and emphasis from words while reading to oneself, it is possible to move through the words at a significantly faster pace.

Scanning is another helpful technique to improve the speed and proficiency of reading because it involves focusing on key elements instead of the overall narrative. The easiest way to begin scanning is to focus on skipping conjunctions and prepositions, as they do not typically alter the meaning of the surrounding words. This leads the reader to focus on the key elements and obtain the overall message of a sentence more quickly.

Practicing with a partner helps to improve reading comprehension and speed for those who are intimidated by reading by oneself. Reading with a friend makes the process of practicing more enjoyable and improves the learning process.

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