How Do You Learn Proper Pronunciation?

How Do You Learn Proper Pronunciation?

One way to learn proper pronunciation is to listen to yourself speak via recording and compare how you sound to someone with better pronunciation skills. If English is not your first language, practicing the language with a native speaker as often as possible can improve pronunciation.

When practicing pronunciation, it is important to slow down and practice a few basic pronunciation skills each day. Focus on single sounds, then single words and phrases, until you can pronounce everything comfortably.

Practice sounds that are difficult to pronounce every day. This helps to exercise your mouth and accommodate it to make unfamiliar sounds, by developing muscles in the mouth. While practicing, visualize the word before saying it aloud, and visualize the position of your face and mouth as you say the word. Practice pronouncing words in front of a mirror, and take note of your lips, tongue and mouth shape while you speak. Compare this to pronunciation videos available online, in order to sound more like expert speakers.

Prepare for special scenarios, such as ordering food from a restaurant or asking someone for directions, by practicing the scenario by yourself. Additionally, find a pronunciation partner with whom you can exchange recorded messages, so that you can improve each other's use of language.

Study a variety of texts, such as songs, poems and speeches, in order to master the intonation and stresses of different syllables and words.