How Do You Learn Proper Conversational Spanish?

To learn proper conversational Spanish, devote a set amount of time everyday to practicing the language. Multiple websites offer Spanish lessons, including, and, as of 2015. For conversational Spanish, focus on learning the most commonly used Spanish words, speaking fluidly, pronouncing words correctly and listening to Spanish.

Practice Spanish as often as possible, as frequent practice speeds up learning. Practicing everyday works well, but aim for three times a week at a minimum, with at least 30 minutes of practice each time.

Multiple methods exist for learning Spanish. Learning methods vary depending on the Spanish service. The most effective methods vary depending on the learner, with consistent practice the most important factor.

Since most conversations require a small percentage of the total words in Spanish, focus on the most commonly used words first. Practice pronouncing words and putting sentences together as you do in a conversation. For listening practice, listen to Spanish music and programs, and watch television shows in Spanish.

Conversation classes are useful for developing Spanish conversation skills quickly. These classes focus on speaking and listening rather than on grammar, reading and writing. The best conversation partners for learning Spanish tend to be native speakers.