How Do You Learn Math Fast?


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Students can learn math quickly by practicing with example problems, working and studying in quiet places and even drawing pictures of the problem, according to Math Goodies. Students should also avoid using ink pens and should keep their work clean and tidy by writing steps out line-by-line.

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Math Goodies recommends for students to learn math quickly by practicing problems and checking answers with every lesson. This allows the student to practice problem solving and finding her own errors in the answers once checked. Likewise, drawing pictures of problems can help students visualize the situation and find the best process or solution.

Math Goodies also recommends using a mechanical pencil with a separate eraser, never an ink pen. Using a mechanical pencil allows students to write in clean, clear lines, and using a separate eraser keeps the work from becoming smudged or illegible if a mistake is made. Keeping work clean and neat is essential in ensuring that not only can the teacher follow the student's step-by-step solutions but that the student can revisit the problem later and understand the method in which the problem was solved. Lastly, studying or working on math in a quiet room is helpful for concentration.

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