How Do You Learn Japanese Words?


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Learning Japanese words is primarily a matter of practicing vocabulary repeatedly until the words are memorized. There is a variety of ways to practice Japanese vocabulary that helps with memorization.

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Learning the most common and useful words in Japanese is a good method for beginning to learn the language. Picking up the most commonly used words and phrases makes it easier to practice conversation with other people. Audio programs are a very good way to begin studying as they teach proper pronunciation. There are also apps available for cell phones and tablet computers, as well as websites online that teach Japanese vocabulary. Carrying a dictionary around while learning Japanese is a convenient way to look up words that are needed in conversation.

Finding a person who already speaks Japanese is an excellent way to practice, as they can offer corrections when pronunciation is wrong or when the word used was not appropriate to the sentence. Another good way to learn Japanese words is to watch television shows with Japanese dialogue. By immersing yourself in a language, you can pick up the vocabulary used in conversation more quickly.

Another popular trick for learning vocabulary in Japanese is to label common items in the home with the Japanese word, so you can see the word and reinforce your learning every time you look at the labelled object.

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