How Do You Learn Italian?


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Italian is learned through various lessons that may be found in colleges, special Italian classes or from language learning programs such as Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. Use methods such as listening to native speakers as well as media such as television or radio to refine fluency along the way.

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Learning Italian is the same as learning any other language; it requires dedicated practice and a lot of patience. Some programs and lessons online provide an easy-to-follow progression that will help students of the language understand where they are in their understanding of Italian or other languages, and most use a curriculum that is similar to college classes.

Duolingo differs from these methods by making the lessons feel like a game instead of a test. It provides scores to students as they progress and rewards them for successive use of the program. The program includes concepts such as "hearts" that deplete when mistakes are made and a streak counter for successive days of practice.

Overall, lessons teach similar ideas, such as speech, reading and writing skills in the given language, and cover grammar and conversational speaking. Talking to a native speaker eases the process by exposing the language learner to natural speech patterns and language shortcuts, slang and proper inflection. Books that teach Italian help to refine grammar skills. Thinking about the world in Italian instead of English helps as well.

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