How Do You Learn English Proverbs?


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To learn English proverbs, visit websites such as EnglishClub.com and PhraseMix.com to search for specific proverbs and find out what they mean. After learning their meanings, find situations in life to apply those proverbs, and practice speaking them until they sound natural.

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Proverbs are traditional or historically significant quotes used in modern conversations in different countries. Usually, different countries have their own proverbs, and it is not common for proverbs to translate well between different languages. Proverbs are usually short and clever sentences that apply different types of advice or wisdom to different situations, and native speakers are usually so immersed in the language's culture that they use proverbs in everyday speech without realizing it.

One proverb is: "A stitch in time saves nine." This proverb means that it is better to repair something as soon as it becomes broken rather than waiting, as it may become much more costly in time and money at a later time.

Another proverb is: "It was the last straw that broke the camel's back." This phrase is meant to convey that there is a limit to everything, and that sometimes all it takes is a tiny push beyond the limit to turn a situation sour. It can also apply to what people are willing to endure.

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