How Do You Learn English for Free Online?


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Free websites that help people learn English include TalkEnglish.com and LiveMocha.com, as of June 2015. TalkEnglish.com offers lessons that cover reading, speaking and listening. LiveMocha.com provides English exercises and a community of other users to practice with, many of whom speak English.

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How Do You Learn English for Free Online?
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Visit the TalkEnglish.com home page, and click on one of the Speaking English Lessons, such as English Speaking Basics. Click on the first section, then click on the first lesson in that section. Most of the site's lessons use a click, listen and repeat format. In this format, you read a sentence, click on it to listen to the sentence and then read the sentence aloud. A TalkEnglish application is available through iTunes and Google Play. TalkEnglish.com doesn't require users to register to access any of its content.

Visit the LiveMocha.com home page, and click on Learn. Click on Learn English, then click on the Start Learning English icon. Fill out the required information to create an account. After creating an account, choose an English lesson. Click on Language partners to invite a language partner from the community to help you learn. LiveMocha.com offers basic language courses and active courses. Active courses feature more advanced content and require a subscription fee. After completing an exercise, you can send your work to language partners, who grade it and provide tips.

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