How Do You Learn English?


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Learning English requires determination and a daily time commitment. This process includes practicing reading, writing and listening skills until fluency is attained by the student.

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The English Club recommends that students expose themselves to English in some capacity each and every day. This includes listening to English radio, TV or movies whenever possible. Reading English stories and keeping a log of new vocabulary words are also said to be helpful in achieving fluency. This site also recommends that students set tangible goals and find ways to make studying fun. This encourages the student to continue studying even when the work becomes tedious.

TalkEnglish.com emphasizes the importance of spoken English. Those who are achieving conversational competency benefit from this method. This site offers students the ability to first read a sentence or word and then click to hear the spoken version. Then the student is able to repeat the sentence or word for himself. This helps increase competency in pronunciation and reading comprehension.

Learnenglish.de suggests that a big component of student success is being motivated to learn. Students with a strong drive to reach their language goals are more likely to achieve fluency at a faster rate than those lacking strong motivation.

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