What Do You Learn in EEG Tech School?


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EEG tech school is for students that want to work with electroencephalogram equipment in a medical clinic, office or hospital. This student learns how to operate neurological equipment so the doctor can look at the images and diagnose different brain conditions.

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Most EEG tech schools have minimal requirements for enrollment, including a minimum of a high school diploma. Some schools recommend that students get undergraduate education first with an associate degree or certificate in the medical field. Many hospitals and clinics that employ techs give on-the-job training to people who have completed the required schooling. The school should be accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Other requirements for EEG tech school is having good reading, math and writing skills. An applicant should also have a clean background check with no criminal record. Classes cover topics such as human anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. Additional topics EEG techs learn include neuroanatomy, nerve conduction and electroneurodiagnostics.

The average salary for an EEG tech is about $37,312, as of October 2015. A tech does not diagnose medical conditions, but he uses the equipment to perform tests that doctors need to diagnose things like tumors and brain diseases. The instrument words to record brain waves and different brain functions.

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