How Do You Learn the Correct Pronunciation of English Words?


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Online pronunciation training websites, such as SpeakMethod.com and AntiMoon.com, offer training on the proper pronunciations of thousands of English words for those learning to speak English. For native English speakers, Dictionary.com offers audio recordings of English words that can be used to practice pronunciation.

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How Do You Learn the Correct Pronunciation of English Words?
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AntiMoon offers the following advice to a person looking for proper pronunciation for English words: For official practice, sit down with the specific goal of practicing pronunciation. Play some recordings of words and phrases in your preferred dialect of English and repeat what you hear. For Incidental, or informal practice of pronunciation, try to regularly pronounce English words while engaging in other activities, such as watching TV, listening to an audiobook or reading something on the Web.

SpeakMethod has various links and tips for pronouncing certain words. For example, the 750 Business Words Pronunciation Class offers 10 lessons covering the pronunciation of 750 common English words. As of September 2015, this service requires a paid subscription. However, users may sign up for a free 24-hour trial.

For native English speakers or those just looking for the pronunciation of a specific word, Dictionary.com has the audio recording of every word its site defines. To access the pronunciation of a word, simply type the word into the search box on the Dictionary.com homepage, and then click on the Speaker icon to the right of the word.

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