Are There Law Schools That Do Not Require LSAT Scores?


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Some schools, such as the Massachusetts School of Law and Northwestern University, do not require LSAT scores in the application process, while others, such as Columbia Law School, do not establish a minimum LSAT score when considering applicants. The LSAT is an admission test that is usually required of students who wish to attend law school.

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Questions about the LSAT's accuracy and validity have encouraged many law schools to place less emphasis on the scores when accepting students to Juris Doctor programs. This trend started prior to 2012, but the chances of the LSAT disappearing entirely from law school admission requirements is unlikely.

In addition to the LSAT, most law schools consider a variety of factors when deciding which students to admit, including undergraduate GPAs, essay skills and course choices in undergraduate schools. The Massachusetts School of Law, for example, has created an essay designed to replace the LSAT. It is reviewed by a law professor to determine whether an applicant has sufficient experience and knowledge to succeed in the program.

Despite the decline of the LSAT's popularity, most prospective law school students take this exam. Even if one hopes to attend a school that does not consider LSAT scores, the exam allows the student to apply to multiple graduate programs.

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