What Are Some Large Diesel Mechanic Schools in the United States?

What Are Some Large Diesel Mechanic Schools in the United States?

Universal Technical Institute, WyoTech and San Bernardino Valley College are some large diesel mechanic schools in the United States. Lincoln Tech also offers diesel mechanic programs.

Universal Technical Institute offers hands-on diesel mechanic training for farm equipment and trucks from various manufacturers, including Caterpillar and Cummins. Students learn how to work on heavy-equipment systems and big engines. The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation has certified Universal Technical Institute’s diesel and industrial technology programs. Those who complete the program can substitute one of the two years of work experience required to become Automotive Service Excellence with training.

WyoTech’s diesel technology program enables students to get hands-on experience with various power systems and engines. Participants learn how to work with machines from Detroit Diesel, John Deere and other manufacturers. Students can take courses on fluid, power and electrical systems. They can also take courses that focus on power trains and engines. They can learn engine management systems and accessories. At WyoTech, students can study diesel engine design, cooling systems and lubrication systems.

San Bernardino Valley College equips students with high tech training and skills. Students can study various subjects, including brake, computer controlled engines and electrical maintenance.

Lincoln Tech prepares students for careers working with diesel engine-driven machines. Students get to assemble and disassemble diesel engines. They also learn how to complete tune-ups and perform wheel alignments on trailers and tractors with computerized equipment. Courses at Lincoln Tech focus on equipment repairs and replacement of truck brake systems.