How Do You Find a Language Translator That Works?


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Functioning online language translators include Google Translate, Unbabel and Gengo, as of 2015. Google Translate uses computer translating, Unbabel uses computer translating checked by a person and Gengo uses human translators. Human translations and those checked by humans tend to be more accurate than simple computer translations.

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To use Google Translate, visit Translate.Google.com, and type the text you want translated. Select a language, or use the tool's auto-detection feature to automatically determine the language of the text. Select another language, and click Translate. Google Translate is available free of charge.

To use Unbabel, visit the Unbabel.com home page, and log in or sign up for an account. The company also offers a one-month free trial period, after which it requires a monthly subscription. Each subscription includes a set amount of translated words, with the word counts varying depending on the subscription. After you sign up, submit the text you want translated to the company. Multiple submission methods are available.

To use Gengo, visit the Gengo.com home page, and click Order Translation. Enter text, or upload a file with the text. Choose the language or languages you want for the translation, and choose your desired quality level. Add any instructions for the translator, and pay for the translation to complete the order.

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