What does "la subasta carros" mean?


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The phrase ���la subasta carros��� means ���the auction cars���. The word ���la��� means ���the��� in English. ���The��� or "la" is a definite article, which is a noun that indicates gender and number as well as whether the reader knows the noun.

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The word ���subasta��� means ���auction��� in English. For example, ���sacar algo a subasta��� means ���to put something up for auction���.

The word ���carro��� means ���car��� in English. It can also mean cart, trolley, carriage, wagon or tank. For example, the phrase ���carro blindado��� means ���armoured car��� in English. Example of an idiom using the word ���carro,��� is �����para el carro!��� which means, ���Hold your horses!���

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