What Does "la Biblia En El Internet" Mean in English?


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The Spanish phrase, "la biblia en el Internet" means "the Bible on the Internet" in English. An important rule when translating Spanish nouns, is to remember the gender of the word: nouns are masculine or feminine and typically will be preceded with the word "el" or "la," which signifies the gender, and translates to "the" in English.

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"La Biblia" translates to the Bible, according to Word Reference. The noun is feminine, which is why "la" is placed in front of "Biblia." The English word "Internet" is the same in Spanish, and can be both masculine or feminine depending on the context; in this case, it is masculine, which is indicated by the word" el." The preposition "en" is used to mean "on" when the sentence refers to a place, mode of doing something or indicates direction and means "in" when talking about time. For this translation "en" refers to the Internet as a location, which coincides with the word "on" so the English phrase is translated as "the Bible on the Internet."

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