What Are Some Known Facts About School Bullying?

As of 2015, there are 2.1 million bullies in American schools, and 2.7 million victims of bullying. Between kindergarten and 12th grade, one in seven students either bully others or are victims of bullying. In American society, the most frequent form of violence is bullying.

Different groups of students undergo bullying at different rates. Eighty-six percent of LGBT students report that they have experienced harassment in some way at school. Overall, about 25 percent of students between kindergarten and 12th grade have experienced harassment or bullying on the basis of disability, sexual orientation, religion, gender and/or race. All in all, about 160,000 children stay home from school on any given day because they are afraid of intimidation or an actual attack from bullies.

The implications of bullying are quite chilling. Each month, 282,000 high school students report being the victim of attacks. Seventy-five percent of school-shooting incidents have been linked to bullying and harassment. People who are bullying victims are between two and nine times as likely to think about suicide than those who are not bullied. Perhaps most sadly, over 66 percent of students believe that schools do not respond adequately to bullying and that adults only provide help infrequently.