What Kinds of Software Programs Does Study Island Offer?

What Kinds of Software Programs Does Study Island Offer?

Study Island offers software programs that include standards mastery programs, extended learning products and supplemental literacy programs. The programs from Study Island are specific for certain grades and states. For instance, Ohio students from third grade to high school have access to the Study Island Common Core state standards benchmarking program.

In addition to Common Core programs, other programs from Study Island include elementary school Spanish, middle school graphic novels and college entrance exam preparation. Study Island also offers other programs for elementary school students, including several reading programs, such as those for students with English as a second language.

Middle school students also have several software options from Study Island, including state testing preparation; ReadingMate, a Web-based reading program; and Reading Eggspress, a program that helps to build a student's reading comprehension.

High school students have even more options from Study Island, in addition to state testing preparation, Spanish programs and Common Core programs. Other programs include advanced placement exam preparation software, a program to help students learn Shakespeare, GED test-preparation software and developmental learning programs.

In addition to software for students in school, Study Island additionally offers post-secondary software products, such as programs to help college students with general studying and PRAXIS test preparation. Pricing and availability for all Study Island programs depend on the state.