What Kinds of Resources Does Teacher Created Materials Offer?


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Teachers Created Materials Publishing offers teaching tools developed by teachers for teachers and students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, as of 2015. Sample products include lesson plans, student workbooks, computer programs for integrated learning, and complete teaching kits for a wide variety of subject areas, such as math, vocabulary, grammar, Spanish and science. The company also publishes fiction written by teachers for kids and assigns all materials reading levels so teachers know particular programs are right for them.

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Teachers Created Materials are available through either a print catalog or at TeacherCreatedMaterials.com, as of 2015. Online products do not display availability, pricing information or contents until the site visitor clicks on the title or lesson plan cover. Alternatively, the vast majority of products on the website are compatible with Google Preview, allowing prospective buyers to sample a product free of charge to determine if it fits their needs. The website also includes digital copies of the company's print catalogs, which include an annual all-encompassing catalog and several smaller catalogs focused on specific subjects, such as English language development.

Teachers Created Materials offers a line of professional development products in addition to those for classroom use. These programs teach teachers the most dynamic teaching strategies for a variety of applications, such as early childhood education, higher-order thinking skills and academic vocabulary.

Teachers Created Materials Publishing launched a separate company called Shell Education in 2004. This company produces very similar products to the original company, some of which supplement existing Teachers Created Materials products. Copyright law protects All Teachers Created Materials products. While a teacher may reproduce handouts and other materials for her own personal classroom use, the teacher must get special permission to reproduce them for any other reason, including school-wide use.

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