What Kinds of Questions Does the Wonderlic Test Consist Of?

What Kinds of Questions Does the Wonderlic Test Consist Of?

The Wonderlic Test consists of questions related to cognitive ability, skill, personality and behavioral reliability. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is used to assess aptitude by entities such as employers, universities and professional sports teams.

The Wonderlic Test includes cognitive questions designed to assess an individual's capability for solving problems and learning. For instance, a sample question posits that a printer uses two sizes of type for a 48,000-word article. A page in the larger type contains 1,800 words, while a page in the smaller type contains 2,400 words. How many pages have to be in the smaller type to fit 21 full pages?

The skill questions test an individual's abilities in math or English. These questions include perceptual abilities, basic skills and software skills. Perceptual abilities relate to alphabetical and numerical skills. Basic skills incorporate both mathematical and verbal capabilities, while computer skills focus on ability to use basic software.

The personality portion of the test is designed to measure the personal characteristics of the candidate. The questions help assess whether an individual is well-suited to the demands of a certain position. The questions measure specific personality traits, such as agreeableness, emotional stability and conscientiousness.

Behavior questions are designed to assess behavioral reliability in a candidate. This part of the test measures how likely an individual is to engage in risky or counterproductive behaviors.