What Kinds of Questions Are on a Psychology Exam?

What Kinds of Questions Are on a Psychology Exam?

Depending on the course, questions appearing on a psychology exam might include, "Which of the following cortical areas is most closely associated with vision?" Another might be, "Frequency theory and place theory attempt to explain how the inner ear registers the pitch of sound. Which statement best reflects current opinion about frequency theory and place theory?" The questions are followed by five answer choices.

These questions come from the College-Level Examination Program. This organization has been used in colleges around the country since about 1975.

Although the CLEP does not list exact questions from the CLEP exam, the sample questions give students a reliable indication of the types of questions that will appear on the exam. The sample questions are multiple choice.

Other examples of psychology test questions include "The behavioral research perspective is similar to the sociocultural research perspective because both focus on how behavior and mental processes are explained by?" and "After initial conditioning, an unconditioned stimulus is no longer presented with the conditioned stimulus, and the conditioned response gradually stops occurring. This change in behavior is called?"

Besides practice questions, the CLEP offers students exam details and study resources to help them prepare for the final psychology exam.