What Kinds of Questions Are on HHA Exams?


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Multiple-choice questions make up a large portion of the home health aide examination, with candidates expected to pick the correct answer from a list of four. The HHA examination also includes situational judgement questions, in which candidates must rate the effectiveness of each answer from most to least.

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Examples of situational judgment questions that may appear on the HHA examination are, “Ann's doctor gave her instructions to exercise daily, but she does not want to exercise today. Rate the effectiveness of the following actions,” and, “Mary slipped after using the commode. You have determined that she has not been hurt, and you must get her back to her feet. Label the most effective and least effective action from the following list.”

Examples of multiple-choice questions that may be on the exam are, “According to Maslow, motivational needs change with changes in (blank),” “If an elderly patient becomes confused, it might be useful to have her examined for what?” and, “What is the first principle of health care?”

According to the U.S. Department of Health for the District of Columbia, there are eight knowledge area categories on the HHA exam. Situational judgment questions measure understanding of the role of the HHA, judgment and interpersonal skills, ethics, and integrity. The judgment and interpersonal questions, understanding the HHA role, and safety and emergency sections account for the highest percentages of questions, representing 23 percent, 18 percent and 14 percent of questions on each test, respectively. Additional questions relating to consumer-specific needs, nutritional support and health also form part of the examination.

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