What Kinds of Questions Are on Accounting Assessment Practice Tests?


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An accounting assessment practice test can have questions on topics such as accounts receivable and bad debt expense, income and cash flow statements, debits and credit bookkeeping and cost behavior and break-even point. In an assessment practice test, a student is tested on his ability to answer questions on a very wide variety of topics in accounting principles.

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Some of the other possible questions asked on these practice tests can be in regards to depreciation calculations, stock and dividend transactions, inventory and cost of goods, balance sheets, adjusting entries and financial ratios. Some typical question relate to the use of different accounting equation, such as assets equal liabilities plus owner's equity, as noted by the Accounting Coach site.

Some online resources that offer quizzes and practice accounting assessment tests in various topics are Accounting Coach, Ohio University's College of Business and Bean Counter. These practice tests and quizzes contain multiple choice questions. At the Accounting Coach site, there are both exams and quizzes, which are categorized by accounting topics. This site also has extensive information on each accounting topic found on the test, learning videos and a dictionary of terms.

The Ohio University's College of Business provides a listing of practice tests and exams according to different accounting topics that may be useful for students taking a course, such Accounting 101. Additionally, the Bean Counter website has many more practice tests, such as on credits/debits, balance sheets, payroll, bookkeeping and accounting concepts and inventory costing.

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