What Kinds of Problems Usually Appear on the NYS Geometry Regents Exam?

The New York State Regents Exam in Geometry includes problems that test students on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards. Problems address the concepts of congruence, triangles, circles, equations, measurement and modeling.

Within each conceptual area, the exam emphasizes problems that focus on clusters of skills within an overall category. For instance, formulating proofs of geometric theorems is a major emphasis within the congruence category. Another key focus of the exam is problems that involve trigonometric ratios. Problems testing these topics typically ask students to solve for the value of an angle or a side of a triangle when some of the information is given.

Studying previous Regents exams is an ideal way to prepare for the test. The exam given in August of 2014 included 28 multiple-choice questions. To illustrate just one example question, students were asked to give the proper mathematical name for a quadrilateral drawn on a graph. The second part of the test contained a series of free-response questions. In one question, students examined an image showing two parallel lines and two intersecting lines. Given the known facts, students developed a proof that two lines were equal in length. Another open-ended question began by asking students to draw the locus of points five units away from a specific coordinate on a graph and then moved on to some follow-up questions.