What Kinds of Level 1 Exercises Are on Worksheets to Learn the Present Continuous Tense?


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Worksheets usually have simple questions that present a verb and prompt the student to write the present continuous form of that word. They can also feature fill-in-the-blank style questions that present part of a sentence with a verb indicated, and the student has to fill in the missing portion with a present continuous verb.

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The simplest worksheets covering the present continuous tense usually begin with a list of verbs that the student must convert into the correct form for the tense. This is a common Level 1 exercise because it does not require extensive writing on the student’s part. While some worksheets might just require adding the –ing suffix, the instructions might instead require that the student write the entire word. This helps reinforce vocabulary and ensures understanding of changes necessary for words that require a double consonant or vowel loss to add the –ing suffix.

Level 1 exercises can also include longer problems that require more work. This usually takes the form of a sentence with the verb missing, but the subject and other elements are present. The verb is then indicated in its simple form, so the student knows what verb to use but has to change it to the present continuous tense. These exercises require that students add secondary verbs, such as “is” or “am,” which ensures deeper comprehension by the student. Higher level exercises can include two or more verbs in a single sentence that the student has to properly write in present continuous tense.

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