What Kinds of Language and Literacy Programs Does Imagine Learning Offer?

What Kinds of Language and Literacy Programs Does Imagine Learning Offer?

Imagine Learning offers literacy and language software programs that speeds up participants’ English learning, as of 2015. Its programs emphasize vocabulary, grammar, oral language, listening comprehension and reading.

Imagine Learning’s basic and academic language program enhances students' knowledge of vocabulary by teaching words through images, videos, glossaries and direct translation. The activities repeat words and concepts in various contexts to reinforce the lessons and deepen learners' understanding. The program focuses on content-specific terms and academic words so participants can use the newly acquired vocabulary throughout the day.

Imagine Learning also offers a program that highlights comprehension, phonological awareness, vocabulary, phonics and fluency. The software provides customized instructions for each specific area. It helps participants learn the fundamental concepts through pre-reading activities. Students receive various reading opportunities with detailed performance feedback and can achieve a higher level of literacy through this strategic approach.

A listening comprehension program helps students improve their ability to understand and follow oral language. The program encourages learners to practice selective listening and pay attention to both verbal and nonverbal cues.

Additional offerings include a program to help students enhance their grammar skills. The program teaches the rules of the English language, focusing on concepts such as adjectives, nouns and verbs.

Another program delivers instructions in the area of speaking. It teaches conversational phrases and provides students with the opportunity to record songs and phrases.