What Kinds of Activities Are Available at Innerstar University?

What Kinds of Activities Are Available at Innerstar University?

Innerstar University includes interactive games such as Dance Spectacular and Melody Maker on the American Girl website. To participate in the activities, players must have the star and doll codes from their American Girl dolls.

Innerstar University is comprised of several centers with different interactive games coinciding with the theme of the center. For instance, Body Balance is available at the Real Spirit Center. Players manipulate an avatar into different yoga poses.

The Star Student Center offers three games. In Cupcake Crazy, players design cupcakes against a timer. Bake Sale allows them to sell desserts. In Pajama Pile, the object of the game is to arrange avatars in comfortable positions for a sleepover party. Members can purchase virtual Innerstar U outfits and accessories at the U-Rah-Rah store.

Sparkle Studios includes the Pretty Patterns game. Members make colorful designs and display them in a virtual art gallery. Starfire Boathouse features Starfire Regatta, a boat racing game. Sparkle Studios and Starfire Boathouse also provide chat rooms.

Five-Points Plaza offers the games Special Delivery and Snack Cart Smarts. Special Delivery has players delivering packages while utilizing different transportation options. Players in Snack Cart Smarts have to accurately deliver food against a timer.

Members can play Horse Sense or Jump for Gold at the Rising Star Stables. Horse Sense has players caring for virtual horses, while players virtually ride the horses over hurdles in Jump for Gold.