What Kind of Tech Careers Are Taught at ITT?

What Kind of Tech Careers Are Taught at ITT?

ITT Tech prepares its students for careers in information technology, electronics technology, and drafting and design technologies. They offer associate and bachelor's degrees in a number of specialized majors under each of these technology fields. Some of their programs are available online, while others require in-person attendance.

ITT Technical Institute School of Information Technology prepares students for careers in cybersecurity, information systems, data communication, software engineering, software applications development, software development and network systems administration. The school offers online programs leading to bachelor's degrees in information systems, cybersecurity and information systems security, and associate degrees in computer forensics, information systems administration and network systems administration.

ITT Tech prepares students for careers in electrical engineering communications, industrial automation engineering and electronics, communication engineering, computer and electronics engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, and computer and electronics technologies through its School of Electronics Technology. Only electrical engineering technology is offered online in this department.

ITT Tech offers classroom training for careers in digital entertainment and game design, industrial engineering technology, drafting and design technology, graphic communications and design, computer drafting and design, multimedia information technology, and visual communications through its School of Drafting and Design. This department also offers Web design and Web design technology training online.

Through its Breckenridge School of Nursing, ITT Tech offers training in health information technology and nursing. Business and criminal justice programs are also available.